Sunday, May 27, 2012

#Broncos - Peyton Manning: A New Shade of Blue at OTAs

#NFLRTAvatarCompetition: Rules and Past Winners - #FansOfTheWeek

This is a weekly competition on #FollowFriday between NFL fan bases to own the #NFLRTAvatar for an entire week. Anyone can participate:
(Winning Avatars below)
HOW TO WIN #NFLRTAvatarCompetition


1. Recruit your friends and followers to follow @NFLRT.
2. Each NEW follower on #FF counts as 1 point to earning the most new followers for your team fan base.
3. Verified NFL players can be recruited any day of the week and count 10 points toward team total.
4. The team with the most points at the end of #FF (11:59pm PT) wins the competition and a new picture is created by #NFLRT specific for the winning team to represent them for a week.


1. Teams cannot win consecutive weeks.
2. Trash talk is required throughout.
3. Attempts at cheating will be caught and deduct -5 points for their team (DO NO UNFOLLOW TO FOLLOW BACK ON #FF)

Feel free to submit pictures to suggest potential suitors for the avatar.

Use RTs & S/Os to get the word out to all of your followers!

#NFLRTAvatarCompetition Winners:

Week 1: Atlanta Falcons

Week 2: Miami Dolphins

Week 3: Washington Redskins

Week 4: New Orleans Saints

Week 5: Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 6: Tennessee Titans

Week 7: Buffalo Bills

Week 8: Houston Texans

Week 9: Buffalo Bills

Week 10: Oakland Raiders

Week 11: Arizona Cardinals

Week 12: Buffalo Bills

Week 13: San Francisco 49ers

Week 14: Seattle Seahawks

Week 15: Dallas Cowboys

Week 16: Chicago Bears

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys

Week 18: San Francisco 49ers (by @_redFOG_ )

Week 19: Detroit Lions

Week 20: Baltimore Ravens

Monday, May 21, 2012

Listen Up Noobs


@NFLRT is not your average twitter account. I will retweet almost any well constructed tweet about current NFL topics or respectful/disrespectful trash talk... Think of it as a sarcastic, educational, trash talking facilitator.

If you only follow people that support your team and can't handle seeing tweets that speak negatively of your team, don't even bother following. Trash talk is meant to be enjoyed by competitive spirits.

If you are looking to start an NFL conversation, mention me with a question and I will retweet it to my followers and your mentions will surely begin to fill with responses.

Mention me with breaking news and break it to thousands.

I will follow any NFL fans back. If I haven't followed you back, just tell me.

PLEASE USE PROPER GRAMMAR. That means capital letters and punctuation. It just makes it easier for everyone to read.

Every Tuesday there is an #NFLRTAvatarCompetition. I submit 5-7 players for you to vote on by RT for the performance of the week.

My followers and I have a lot of fun and I hope you are here to do the same!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This #Cowboys fan might be a little too dedicated

Worst to First in the NFL since 1967

2012 Season Standings Prediction by Division

It's ridiculously early to make predictions for the 2012 NFL season, but I do what I want. I'm open to criticism and debate, although I'll warn you that I'm always right, so try your best.

NFC East
1. Cowboys
2. Giants
3. Redskins
4. Eagles

NFC North
1. Bears
2. Packers
3. Lions
4. Vikings

NFC South
1. Falcons
2. Buccaneers
3. Saints
4. Panthers

NFC West
1. Rams
2. 49ers
3. Cardinals
4. Seahawks

AFC East
1. Patriots
2. Bills
3. Jets
4. Dolphins

AFC North
1. Ravens
2. Steelers
3. Bengals
4. Browns

AFC South
1. Texans
2. Titans
3. Colts
4. Jaguars

AFC West
1. Broncos
2. Raiders
3. Chargers
4. Chiefs

#Packers are to blame for taking Rex Grossman's manhood.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I will be using this blog to post my favorite pictures. This is a classic shot of Andre Johnson taking out Cortland Finnegan that should set a standard of the pictures you can expect to be posted.

Monday, May 14, 2012

NFLRT Blog Site is Under Construction

I will be expanding @NFLRT to blogspot to further enhance my ability to keep you informed and laughing.